Breathe for Stress

We all suffer from unhealhty breathing patterns, which can  be the cause of many physical and psychological issues. I have found that from personal experience that changing these habitual patterns can calm the nervous system, create greater body awareness and help to release emotional blocks.

According to Dennis Lewis, breathing expert and author of Tao of Natural Breathing, the rate, frequency and depth of our breathing is a reflection of how we feel. 'We may notice how during fear or other strong negative emotions we restrict the flow of breath by contracting various parts of our body in order to reduce the energy available for feeling, and how during more pleasant emotions we increase the flow and duration of breath to take in more energy and thus to feel more.'

While considering emotional well-being, it is indeed helpful to see body, breath and emotion as one continuum, as they are so intimately interlinked. The slightest alteration of one system will create change in the others. Indeed, if we are feeling positive, we will experience better postural alignment and we will automatically breathe better too.

Learning better, more effiecient breathing can help us to stay calmer in everyday situations that make us anxious, and to feel calmer and more in control of the way that we react to situations.

I can offer breathwork as part of a massge or healing treatment, or as a session in its own right. It may involve looking at posture and alignment, gentle breathing exercises and movement.

Working with the breath is particularly beneficial if you are suffering from:

  • Anxiety

  • Lack of confidence

  • Physical tension

  • Tiredness and sluggishness 

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