About me

I originally studied holistic massage in Bristol, which gave me a strong foundation in the world of complementary therapy. In the following years I worked with a range of clients fro many different walks of life, and I was fascinated by the way in which bodywork not only helps to heal the physical body, but also works on a deeply emotional level while also balancing the subtle energy bodies.


Fueled by a desire to learn more, I went on to study energy healing in the town of Glastonbury. As my practice has deepened over the years I have been continuously amazed by the deeply transformative effect that energy healing it has on people’s health and their lives. 

Having now qualified in relexology, I love using this beautiful healing art as a powerful tool to help bring people back to their optimum health. You can click on the above tab to find out about the different ways relfexology can be of benefit to you in so many different and amazing ways. 

As well as practicing therapies, I also run regular meditation sessions and workshops, which explore ways in which we can heal and transform our lives and enhance our own health and wellbeing. Please see the 'events' page for more information about this, and do not hesitate to contact me for queries or a free phone consultation.

Lucy x

'Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are'

- Chinese proverb

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